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Registered but can't find your Moodle courses?

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Attention Students! 

Your registrations are synced with Moodle - so your courses should be available on Moodle the day after registration.

Unfortunately, many courses are hidden from students. If, the day after registration you cannot find your courses on Moodle, don't panic, please enquire with your Lecturer or School to ask them to make their Moodle courses available for students.

ICS administers Moodle but is not responsible for course content and visibility - your Lecturers are the experts here! smile

Welcome to Learn2024!

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We have a new instance of Moodle for 2024 -!

We have moved to the latest Long Term Support version of Moodle, a big jump from 3.9 to 4.1 LTS. There are significant changes and many improvements in Moodle 4.

Read more here:
Free courses: Moodle Academy

What does this mean for you?

Moodle Teachers: New course material should be added to

If you want to reuse content from previous courses you will have to Backup your course on the old Moodle instance, Download the backup, then Upload and Restore the backup on the 2024 site:
Note: You will need to be a Teacher in both courses before you can Backup and Restore content:
For security reasons only the first Teacher can link themselves to their course using MoodleCourseTeacher app mentioned above. The others will need to be enrolled from within Moodle:

For reference purposes, 2021-2023 content will still be available until further notice.

Should you have any queries, please contact:  ICS Support